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Naltex® Extruded Netting

Our Naltex® extruded netting is produced in diverse resins and configurations. It is produced as symmetrical and non-symmetrical mesh sleeving that can be oriented or slit into flat sheeting. Contact us for information on customizing sizes, colors, resins and performance characteristics.

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composite square

Composite Flow Media

cylinder square

Cylinder-Guard® Sleeving

flex guard machined parts

Flex-Guard® Protective Sleeves

Naltex® Flex-Guard® Protective Sleeving is stocked in five unique styles that provide different levels of protection. Each type has its own range of color-coded sizes to fit multiple diameters.
Flex-Guard 1 is a relatively thin net with a close mesh design, ideal for cushioning small parts.
Flex-Guard 2 is a moderately elastic sleeving suitable for protection in medium to heavy environments.
Flex-Guard 3 is the strongest protective sleeving; a thick, fairly rigid mest to protect parts from heavy abrasion.
Flex-Guard 4 is a specialty sleeving ideal for irregularly shaped parts and large diameters.
Flex-Guard 5 offers medium protection with more flexibility to fit asymmetrical and contoured parts, as well as ...
caseliner - meat

Case Liners

marinet square

Marinet™ Marination Bags

smokehouse salmon

Smokehouse™ Netting

Naltex Smokehouse netting is designed to reduce sticking and waste in high-temperature smoking processes. The netting has an open diamond-mesh that allows uniform air circulation, thorough processing and an enhanced grilled appearance on meats. Smokehouse netting is manufactured with FDA-Grade and USDA-Accepted resins.
Duronet square

Duronet® Industrial Mesh

Naltex® Duronet® Mesh meets a universal range of application needs. The lightweight plastic mesh is available in eight diamond mesh configurations, ranging from 1/16 to 1-3/4 inches. It has an extruded construction that possesses unmatched strength and durability. Duronet mesh is non-toxic and UV-stabilized, and it will not conduct electricity or corrode, even after extensive exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture or chemicals.