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Shipping and Sales Tax
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Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]


Shipping cost is calculated using the weight and dimensions of the product(s) ordered based on selected shipping method.

Applicable tax will be added to your order total.

Payment Methods
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Payment methods accepted:
Credit Card

Credit Cards Accepted:
Master Card
American Express

Terms and Conditions
Shipping and Sales Tax] [Payment Methods] [Terms and Conditions]
Mastercard, VISA & American Express Accepted. Most stock orders shipped within 48 hours after receipt of order. F.O.B. Austin, Texas. Texas, California, and Pennsylvania Businesses must attach signed Tax Exemption Certificates before shipment to avoid state sales tax. Seller warrants that DelStar Technologies products will be of merchantable quality. Seller makes no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. Buyer assumes all risk and liability for results obtained by the use of Naltex products either singly or in combination with other products. Liability for loss or damage due to any use of sellers product is limited to the sellers invoice price of its products. All orders are considered accepted at Austin, Texas. Naltex, Delnet, Duronet, and Flex-Guard are registered trademarks of DelStar Technologies, Inc. ©2012 DelStar Technologies, Inc.
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